About us


The Environmental Services Business Council (EESC) was created in 2003 by a group of private companies wishing to publicize and recognize their interests in the development of environmental management policies in Quebec. The Council is the successor to the Environmental Industry Development Cluster created in 1994.

Hazardous materials, industrial and sanitary cleaning

The companies in this sector provide services in the field of industrial and sanitary cleaning as well as the management of residual hazardous materials (MDR). Activities range from picking to transportation, from storage to upgrading to disposal. Our members use state-of-the-art technologies and ensure a safe environment. This sector also includes industrial cleaning and municipal sanitation companies (pumping and treatment of sludge, sewage, etc.).

Our next actions

The EESC intends to prioritize the updating of the regulation on residual hazardous materials as well as the regulation on the implementation of the electronic material recovery system. The EESC will also organize the symposium on the management of hazardous materials and biomedical waste in February 2011. This meeting will allow an exchange on the future draft regulation as well as the presentation of best practices and techniques for the management of residual hazardous materials.