The world has entered a new era where it requires every single person to work towards protection of the environment failing which may result in the complete destruction of earth.  Each one can contribute in their own way to save the world and their lives. Here are a few tips on ways to protect the environment.

  • Use LED lights- LED lights are the kind of lights which give out bright light but use minimum energy. These kinds of lights help in reducing the usage of electricity, saving your money and electricity.
  • Donate- Instead of throwing away your used and old clothes into the waste and contributing to the already burdening waste management system, give your old clothes to those in need or in a local charity where they can be re-used.
  • Fix leaky pumps- Make sure to fix leaky taps and faucets in your home or office immediately to not waste water. Fresh water reserves on earth are drying up and it is of high importance to save water at every chance we get.


  • Use natural light- Avoid turning on lights in the afternoon or morning, and instead pull out your curtains and make sure that there is maximum utilization of the abundant natural light.
  • Public transport- Try walking or cycling to reach places close to you and if not prefer the usage of public transport or the system of carpooling when travelling from one place to another on a regular basis.
  • Reduce carbon foot print- Eat locally foods and avoid frozen and packaged foods. The more plastic or waste you produce, the higher is you carbon footprint which is very harmful to the environment. Use boxes and reusable bags to carry your lunch everyday instead of use and throw zip-locks.
  • Unplug- Make sure to not leave your phone or iPad on for charging overnight, as they do not require to be charged for so long. Also ensure to unplug all unused electronic devices and save electricity. Make sure to switch off lights, fans, ACs and heaters when not in use.
  • Use reusable shopping bags- Whenever you go grocery shopping make sue to carry your own bags to put all the items into instead taking a new bag from the store every time you go shopping. This will ensure saving of trees by cutting down on paper bags usage.

  • Avoid bath-tubs- Try and avoid taking a bath in a bathtub frequently as it requires a lot of water, which will go for waste after using. Use bucket and mug when showering, as that way you know how much water you are using and can even try to reduce the usage.
  • Carry water bottle- Instead buying a bottled water everywhere you go, carry a water bottle around with you, so that you are not wasting tons of plastic but you are also saving up on the money you spend on bottled water every day.