Saving our planet earth is the need of the day. Global warming is a major concern to the existence of life on earth and it is high time to bring some awareness in the general public. Reduction of pollution is the only solution for saving our planet and ensuring that the earth will remain a nature’s paradise. Here are a few ways to reduce pollution in the environment.

pollution cause


  • Practicing 3 Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will help in reducing the environmental pollution and also ensure sustainable use of all kinds of resources, especially the resources which are non-renewable.
  • Conserving resources also helps in reducing pollution. When we learning about conservation of resources in schools and colleges, it is necessary that these learnings are supposed to be put to use and in practical life. You will make a sense only when you practice it and spread the awareness of conserving resources in the community around you.
  • Living life the lean way will help in saving our earth from unnecessary burden of wastage.
  • Know the difference between your need and want. Buy things only when you need them and not when you want them.
  • Waste management is one of the best solutions to reduce pollution. Dumping waste in oceans and is killing aquatic life by polluting their environment and also waste dumping on barren lands is spreading viral borne diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, dengue, cholera. So we should find the alternative ways of managing this waste, by making manure out of the waste and effectively using them for increasing crop production will be one of the best ways.
  • The usage Household equipments like washing machines, dish washers should be minimised by maximising their utility.
  • Using public transportation in place of cars or encouraging car pooling.
  • Enjoying the natural weather in place of A/Cs and air coolers.
  • Using the electricity only when you need it and switching them off when you don’t need them.
  • Automobiles should be well maintained so that they do not consume more fuel and electricity.
  • The engines of your cars should be turned off near the traffic signals.
  • The pollution control board that monitors the industries should impose strict rules and penalize the industries that do not follow the norms.
  • Innovations in manufacturing low-polluting outboard marine engines and personal watercraft, cars and other engines may help in reducing pollution of the environment.
  • Advocate for emission reductions from power plants and more stringent national vehicle emission standards.
  • The containers of household cleaners, workshop chemicals and solvents, and garden chemicals should be properly sealed to prevent volatile organic compounds from evaporating into the air.
  • Use water-based or solvent free paints whenever possible and buy products that say “low VOC”.